Take your training sessions online.

Host training sessions of up to 250 participants, create real-time agendas for your clients to follow along, manage fully-synced timers for your HIIT sessions, view real-time heart-rate data, and more.

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Sidekick Connect

Train. Analyze. Perform.

Sidekick is an integrated fitness assessment platform that combines statistics and wearable technologies to promote efficient training and performance management.

Advanced Analytical Tools

Our platform provides fully customizable charts, heatmaps, pivot tables and more. Perform exploratory analysis. Slice and dice your data any way you want to find impactful areas of improvement for optimal performance.

Unifying Platform

Sidekick integrates with the Internet of Things (Fitbit, Garmin, and many more) to bring all of your health data into one platform. Get a clear, accurate picture of your health and draw actionable insights from your combined data.

Secured and Private

We take data privacy seriously. Data flowing through our platform is encrypted end-to-end and at rest. No health data is collected without your explicit consent and we never sell your data to a third-party. You have absolute control over your data and at any moment, may request it to be completely purged from our platform.